Make your intentions clear, and protect your loved ones from the stress and financial responsibility of arranging your funeral with a Southern Cross Funeral Directors Prepaid Funeral Plan.


Safeguard against rising funeral costs.

In 1994 an average funeral cost $2500. Today, the average cost is $8500. A Southern Cross Funeral Directors Prepaid Funeral Plan is a guarantee that your funeral and all of the details requested in the contract will be carried out at the price specified in the contract. That’s a guaranteed safeguard against rising costs.


You have an absolute assurance that your money is safe.

Your prepaid funeral payment is held in a trust with one of the industry’s largest investment funds, Funeral Plan Management (Australian Unity), until it is required and only released after the funeral has taken place.


When the time comes the process is simple.

A family member or representative contacts Southern Cross Funeral Directors and the funeral arrangements will be carried out according to your wishes.


Our Prepaid Funeral Plans are designed to reflect your wishes, personality, and achievements.

Southern Cross Funeral Directors Prepaid Funeral Plans are flexible, affordable and tailored to the individual.


Your family and friends can provide their own personal touches.

Because you are protecting your family from the stress of arranging your funeral, those closest to you will be better able to provide their own meaningful and personal tributes.

For the sake of your family, purchase a prepaid funeral plan today.